Work Groups underway

Five high level work groups are beginning the discussions on priority areas that emerged from work at the October 2015 Credentialing Summit. 100 credentialing experts from around the country are being asked to lay the ground work for collective action by post-secondary educators, employers, labor and community organizations, credential issuers, foundations and others to build a competency-based, learning-centered credentialing system.

The five work groups are:

Developing common language to serve as the basis for a connected credentialing system


  • Carla Casilli, Badges and Digital Credentials Specialist
  • Dave Longanecker, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education-WICHE

Using real-time data and technology to empower credential users and create continuous feedback mechanisms


  • Rachel Zinn, Workforce Data Quality Campaign
  • Bob Sheets, Credential Transparency Initiative

Creating nimble end-to-end quality assurance processes to support portability and trust of credentials


  • Mary Beth Lakin, American Council on Education
  • Martin Scaglione, Hope Street Group

Advancing scalable employer engagement approaches to improve demand signals and increase relevancy and currency of credentials


  • Gardner Carrick, The Manufacturing Institute
  • Jason Tyszko, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Designing flexible credentialing pathways leading to family-sustaining jobs to increase equity


  • Stephanie Krauss, Forum for Youth Investment
  • Judy Mortrude, Center for Law & Social Policy (CLASP)

The work group recommendations will be issued as a unified product that will be widely shared with diverse credentialing stakeholders in Summer 2016.

A successful and energizing meeting of the co-facilitators at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on January 12 kicked off the work and all groups will be meeting three to five times in February, March and April.

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