Pathways to Results (PTR)

Illinois Community College Board, Office of Community College Research & Leadership, Federal (TAACCCT)

Implemented outcomes-focused continuous improvement process called Pathways to Results (PTR) that focuses on equity and outcomes assessment rooted in analysis of data. Practitioner teams identify equity gaps by analyzing student-level outcomes data that are disaggregated by race, gender, income, and other characteristics that matter to college success and then use these results to test new processes that may boost sub-group success. PTR has been implemented in 46 of the 48 community colleges in Illinois, with over 80 projects completed or in process to improve career pathways and programs of study. PTR has also been extended to other community colleges in the United States that are recipients of Trade Adjustment Act Community College and Career Training Act (TAACCCT) grants and in the year ahead, will be extended to further support localized implementation, scaling, and impact evaluation

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