Connecting Credentials is a collaborative effort of 120 national organizations and more than 3,000 stakeholders to make degrees, certificates, industry certifications, badges and other credentials easier to understand, use and interconnect.


Postsecondary credentials (degrees, certificates, industry certifications, and more) are the currency through which skills and knowledge are recognized – connecting people to jobs, education programs and career pathways. There’s little clarity about what these credentials mean – their value, their quality and how they connect. That makes their use difficult both by employers and learners.


Connecting Credentials aims at creating a better credentialing system — one that is student-centered and learning-based. We are convinced that such a system is needed for several reasons: to ensure educational quality; increase access; align industry, education and issuers of credentials; multiply the benefits of increased attainment; reduce social inequity; and foster individual progress that results in market-valued credentials.


Connecting Credentials is engaging diverse stakeholders in meetings, webinars, and on-line conversation to frame the challenges, define what key issues must be tackled, and to develop recommendations for actions at all levels to make needed improvements.

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