We Need to “Re-wire” the Labor Market

How do we ensure that motivated Americans get the skills they need to find meaningful work, to thrive in the workplace, and to move forward in our job market? We need to ask deeper questions about ...

Why a Credentialing Framework Now

The many people that have been engaged in creating Credentials Frameworks, both in the US and around the world ask themselves “what impact will this idea have in the future? Will it lead to the transformation of the credentialing ecosystem? Will it codify and sustain the existing ecosystem dynamics?

Sparks Fly: Competency-Based Education Catches

As readers of my blog posts know, I have devoted a large part of my life to proselytizing about making quality and affordable education available to the working adults who need it the most. I do not use the word proselytizing lightly. It has been a constant struggle to get this work to be viewed as fundamental to education reform, not just as a passing trend.

Credentials Matter, but Competencies are Key

Credentials matter, especially for gaining access to good jobs that pay family sustaining wages with benefits, but it’s the competencies these credentials purportedly represent that actually matter for success in life and in the workplace.

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