The 21st Century: What’s Next for Education and the Workforce?

Much of my reading these days is focused on the transformation that is occurring in higher education and the role that higher education will play in the 21st century. A central purpose of higher education has been to prepare students at all phases of their lives to be productive and effective in their line of work. The benefits of education are many in that individuals may improve their lives, be more creative and produce the kinds of insights necessary to drive the economy. Additionally, employers benefit by creating greater value and enhancing the economic and social performance of their organizations with a capable and educated workforce. This has been an important theme that has made the U.S. a leader in the global economy over the past century, although some might suggest that the structure and output of the current higher education system is lagging behind 21st century needs.

by William Clements, PhD on 2/7/17 READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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